Complicated Kate


Sometimes I just want a story that makes me giggle, a lighthearted read that allows me room to believe in magic, or a story that peeks in on this complicated thing we call Life and finds hilarity and beauty hidden in even its darkest corners.  Those are the types of stories that inspire my Kate Lynn Benjamin books.  With these books, I have no objective other than to entertain, to hopefully put a smile on someone’s face, to project a laugh from a reader’s belly if I’ve done my job right.    



I am complicated.  The stories in me are varied.  Some are factual.  Some are fictional.  Some are sweet.  Some are dark.  Some have a goal of persuasion.  Others do not.  Some wish to inspire readers to capture their own stories. 

To write only one type of story is as unrealistic as asking me to eat only one type of food or listen to only one type of music or (gasp) read only one type of book.  That is not my authentic self. 



I would venture a bet that most of my readers are as complicated as I am, and I hope you enjoy my books.  But if you don’t find something of value in my writing, I hope you will write something of value to yourself and share it with the world.  It just might turn out to be my next favorite read.